Born in Banjul, Gambia to Lucy and Omar Fye on April 30,
1989. Sheikh has 5 sisters and 4 brothers. In 1994, during
the takeover of Gambian coup, his family was driven to
America. Once arriving in America the family settled in
Maryland, and this is where Sheikh’s love for music began to
grow. At 13, Sheikh, was sent overseas to attend a number
of different boarding schools located in Tanzania, Kenya, and
Rwanda before coming back to America at the age of 17. He
then moved to Henniker, New Hampshire to study at New
England College, and jumpstarted his first business, Gadget
Entertainment, an Indie Label. Gadget Entertainment was
developed to support the music that Sheikh had become so
passionate about. In 2015, Sheikh conducted a show that led
him to meet his current business partner, Derek Lemire.
Derek saw the passion that Sheikh had for music and
entertainers, that he gave half of Get Money Music, a
renowned public relations and marketing company in New
England, to him. Because of Sheikh’s hard work and
dedication to his clients and career, in 2017, he expanded his
company across the continent. Get Money Music grew so
much that they rebranded it to Starbreakers Entertainment
and could offer more than just marketing, but now
independent label services to every client. Starbreakers
Entertainment has had A-list clients, Zay Hilfiger (Juju on
That Beat) and Malik Yusef (6x Grammy winner). While
working with entertainers, Sheikh met Samaria Barnes, a
professional dancer and choreographer in Los Angeles,
California. Their common interest in entertainment led them
to date in early 2018. During that time, Sheikh became part
owner of the thriving brand Trapwoodz, and currently holds
the title of Executive Brand Manager. Because Sheikh and
Samaria are so passionate about the entertainment
community, they decided to co-found a world-class
management and consulting firm known as Fye & Barnes.

A small town girl with big city dreams, Samaria began
dancing at the age of 6 at the Dothan School of Dance in
Alabama. Under the direction of Tracy Solomon and Ashlie
Solomon-Wells, she held the regional titles of Dance Masters
Petite and Teen Miss Dance of Chapter 33. She has trained
and performed in most styles of dance ranging from classical
ballet to hip hop. Her stage and live performances include
Southeast Alabama Dance Company, Atlanta Falcons
Halftime, Southeast Regional Ballet Association, Alabama
Dance Company, Regional Dance America, and National
Choreography Intensive. After much success on the
competition circuit, Samaria traveled to Los Angeles to
pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Since
her move, she has worked with renowned choreographers
including Brian Friedman, Parris Goebel, Jaquel Knight, &
Chris Grant. She performed live with E-40 and was cast in
the Hip Hop Wizard of Oz. Also, Samaria travelled with Mila J
as a dancer on The Waiting Game European Tour. She has
made several appearances in seasons 9 and 10 of the hit
Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance, and was cast as
a main dancer on Nigel Lythgoe’s online dance show Every
Single Step airing exclusively on go90. You can find Samaria
dancing in Justin Beiber’s deeply impactful music video
Purpose. For the release of the album NO ONE EVER
REALLY DIES, she performed with N.E.R.D., at
ComplexCon, one of L.A.’s largest culture festivals. Samaria
has also been spotted dancing in the world’s first ever live
movie commercial for The Greatest Showman on FOX. Most
recently, she danced alongside Beyoncé in her history
making, radically charged performance at the 2018 Coachella Music Festival.